All membrane keypads and overlay orders are processed with samples being supplied for approval prior to manufacturing the production batch.

Material Autotype Thickness
Matt PC
Gloss PC
Gloss paper
F150 / F200
V150 / V200
EBG130 / EBG180 / EBG254
EBA130 / EBA180 / EBA254

0.10 mm
0.15 mm
0.175 mm
0.20 mm
0.25 mm
0.30 mm
0.50 mm
0.70 mm
100 mm


Adhesive Technical Preferred Format
3M 467
3M 468
3M 9471
3M 9448
3M 300LSE
ESD/EMI Shielding
Embedded LED
Insert able Legend
EL Backlighting
Metal Work Support
Embossment Keys
Flat Keys
Rim, Dome, Pillow
Dimple, Multilevel
Tail Connections
Carbon Print Only, Male, Female
Stainless Steel Snap Domes

Manufactured from Samples
Core Draw (*.cdr)
AutoCad (*.dwg)
Illustrator (*.ai)
Photoshop (.tif) (.jpg) (.bmp) (.psd)