Stencil printing is the process of depositing solder paste on the printed circuit boards (PCBs) to establish electrical connections.

Frameless Stencils are laser cut solder paste stencils designed to work with stencil tensioning systems also known as Reusable Stencil Frames. These stencils do not need to be permanently glued in a frame. Frameless Stencils are significant less expensive than Framed Stencils and reduce storage space requirements.

Frameless Stencils are designed for screen printing. Our Frameless Stencils provide optimum solder paste volume control. They have smooth aperture walls and can be used for 16 Mil pitch and below and for Micro BGA's.

  • Creates Smooth Aperture Walls
  • Very Clean Laser-Cut Apertures
  • Excellent Print Performance
  • Excellent for High-Volume Stencil Printing
  • Unique Process Creates Permanent Non-removable Non-fading Fiducial