PCB Prototype Manufacturer

The road from initial design to manufacture is a bumpy one at the best of times. It only takes a slip at an early stage, and budgets and timelines can spiral dangerously out of control. One part of the process that needs to go smoothly, and with no surprises, is the creation of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) prototypes.

The problem is, as PCBs become more specialized with up to ten layers in complexity, you need to partner with someone who can deliver what they promise. Before committing to your next PCB prototype build, here's five critical factors to consider:

#1 Speed

Driven by new technologies and startup mentalities, there has never been more pressure to get a product to market in a timely manner. Choose a local provider who understands the need for speed and offers an Express Prototype Service - preferably one that starts with a turnaround of 24 hours for a two-layer board. That’s quicker than the courier service that ultimately delivers it.

#2 Local

Experienced manufacturers never underestimate the value of having a supplier on the ground. It means you can impress on someone what specifically needs to be supplied and the importance of your deadline. And should requirements change within the important prototype phase, a local company can help suggest ideas to help turn things around, often at a moment’s notice.

#3 Dealing Direct

Valuable time can be saved when you cut out the middle steps. A PCB manufacturer who ships directly from their local factory to your location saves you time and money. Dealing with a supplier with an express PCB prototype service means you can be comfortable allocating more time to other parts of the process such as design, confident your deadlines will be met, and production times adhered to.

#4 Ready for the next step

Having worked with a manufacturer to create your PCB prototype means you are also closer to finding a supplier who can ultimately manufacture your entire run. They know the project and your requirements while you have the comfort of already working with someone who has demonstrated they can deliver.

#5 Outlook

Finally, look for a supplier who sees the world through your eyes and understands your particular requirements and “anxieties”. Will they work with you as a partner to help get your product to market? Will they understand your tight deadlines and are they committed to quality and customer service?

Select a PCB Prototype Manufacturer that Always Delivers

Have your next prototype PCB developed quickly and hassle free in a cooperative way, and delivered on time - by an Australian company dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction.

As consumer demand drives even more innovative solutions, Synergy Electronics are committed to the latest processes to ensure the quickest turn around. Delivery for a 2-layer PCB prototype is only 24 hours, while a 10-layer board can be created in 5 working days. For Synergy Electronics, the creation of prototype PCB’s are a daily event.

And in addition to local manufacturing facilities, Synergy Electronics are co-owners of a state of the art Chinese facility.

Call Synergy Electronics now on (02) 9629 2920 or fill in the Contact Us form. We guarantee to respond to your request within 2 business hours.