Aluminium PCB Manufacturer

The ubiquity of Printed Circuit Boards in modern manufacturing makes it seem that they have been with us forever.

While the development of the modern printed circuit boards started as early as 1903, and fast tracked during World War II, it wasn’t until the 1980’s when a breakthrough meant smaller boards allowed additional functionality and lower production costs.

Which brings us to the exacting and varied requirements of today.

Not all PCB’s are created equal, nor are they suitable for every application.

Take modern lighting, for instance. Putting a standard LED on standard FR4 material gets very hot, often to the point of compromise.

But by using aluminium as the base metal for the PCB, it acts as a ‘sink’ that dissipates the heat.

With new applications in the automotive industry and the exciting evolution of 3D printers, it’s timely to look at the 5 critical factors to consider when looking for in an Aluminium PCB manufacturer:

#1 Consistency

Cheaper products can get too hot and it affects their brightness and colour. A quality aluminium strip PCB will help LED products achieve consistency in these critical areas, due to even heat absorption, which also prolongs product life.

#2 Cost

When aluminium boards were first manufactured, the costs were prohibitive - approximately three times greater than that of a standard board. Today, aluminium pcb manfacturers with the latest equipemnt offer the aluminium product at a modest premium.

#3 Quality

Like most materials, there are different grades of aluminium. Some of the poorer, cheaper materials are inferior because they oxidise at a quicker rate. Ensure you use a pcb manufacturer that only uses high grade ‘Bergquist’ material - a recognised industry standard for consistency and thickness.

#4 Delivery

Many industries - for example the lighting industry - must be assurred of timely supply. Ensure you select a pcb manufacturer that can supply your aluminuium circuit board in around the same time as their standard board, which can be as a quick as 24-48 hours for prototypes.

#5 Product Knowledge

While aluminium circuits are usually simple and one layer, demand for more complicated two layer boards is growing. This requires an intricate manufacturing process of drilling and filling with epoxy.

High standards. Quick turnaround. Expert product knowledge.

Synergy Electronics are recognised as the premier supplier of leading edge technology aluminium PCBs. We combine a wide product range with expertise that extends to specialist products such as aluminium PCBs for the lighting and growing 3D Printer markets.

With fast quotes, competitive prices and express delivery prototype services, Synergy Electronics understand the needs of the electronics manufacturing industry.

More technical details can be found on our aluminium PCB product page.

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